Top 5 best things to do during the Japanese winter!

Get your winter jackets on, snow gear and passports ready because here are the top 10 best things to do during winter in Japan! I’m pretty sure most of you readers have been to Japan at least once or twice. But then again, nostalgia is sure to set in once you’ve seen the best things to do. Read more after the jump.

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1. Sapporo Winter Festival


It’s like going to Disneyland but, in winter. The folks at Odori Park, Susukino and Tsudome never fail to make jaws drop and people completely in awe with their decorations and beautiful twinkling lights.

The festival first started off in 1950 when a group of students built an ice sculpture in the middle of the park. Now, the park attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Just like the amazing sculptures present, there’s also magnificent shows and skits to entertain the viewers. This can certainly bring out your inner child.

2. Skiing


If you want to up your skiing skills, Japan has just the mountain for you. Not Mt. Fuji, that’s a bit too extreme. But Hokkaido has a lot of popular skiing resorts with powder-like snow. There, you can test your strengths and limits on their skiing course.

Also, there are popular ski resorts which are easily accessible from Tokyo, meaning you can go the actual skiing area for a day trip and head back to the city for the popular Japanese food.

3. Eat lots of crab!


Obviously once you’re done with the hardcore activities, your stomach is definitely gonna want some nourishment. In Japan, the best food to eat during the winter season varies from hot-pots, sweet mochi and the best of all, crab!

The best place to eat crabs is definitely in Hokkaido, where you can get a lot of other popular street snacks along the way. But if you’re in Tokyo however, you can do just that as well. One of the best places to enjoy the crab delicacy is called Kita no Kazoku (北の家族). Why this place? Its because of their all-you-can-eat snow crab buffet.

4. Shirakawago Village


A sight to behold in my opinion. The village is currently listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, and it surely shows why. The winter season covers the village with a blanket of fresh white snow. Of course, the village is also popular in every season.

Also, there are occasional light-up events held in the village giving the tourists a emotionally beautiful sight where ever they go. It should definitely be on your list.

5. Winter Illumination


In various areas of Japan, there will always be spectacular light shows for the camera hungry tourists and its easy to see why. Places like Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown are a sure win among the photographers in the bunch.

Roppongi Hills Christmas showcases approximately 700,000 LED lights along the 400m stretch of Keyakizaka Street. Photos are best taken with the Tokyo Tower slapped in the background. As for Tokyo Midtown, its well known for their “Starlight Garden” where more than 500,000 LED lights are placed around different areas of Tokyo Midtown. This would be reminiscent of Christmas. Imagine that!

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